About le borneo


To be a PioneerofGreen-Product Supplier in Malaysia


  • To become a new platform in Malaysia by introducing green-related products to the market.
  • To deliver a profitable business results through providing high standard quality of products.
  • To promote the environmental friendly concepts of the products to worldwide.

LeBorneoResources Sdn. Bhd. is a green-products supplier company that headquartered in Kuching, Sarawak since year 2007. LeBorneo was engaged with Infinity Management Consultants (IMC)forexploit branding strategies and promote to the international market, whereby IMCalso has been awarded by an honorary of SME100 Fast Moving Company 2014 in Malaysia for its reliability, efficiency, profitability and high commitment to customer-oriented service.

LeBorneo is functioning with its main activities in supplying green-products and edible oil products to serve valued clients. Besides, LeBorneo’s business has predominately export oriented. Our products and services obtain high recognition and demand in worldwide. This is because our company has also committed to several business opportunities in foreign country such as China, Indonesia, Brunei, Taiwan and Canada.

Over the past 7 years, LeBorneo has passionately pursued the supply of products in supporting ‘Go Green’concepts, which particularly the health and safety products as thousands and thousands of people are now consuming. And now, our core rebranding products include Bio-Chlorella Seafood (Fish & Prawn), Green-Coffee and Palm Vegetable Oil. Furthermore, we are also introducing high standard quality of Halal products which also obtained a full support by Malaysia Government. Hence, our products are also suitable for Muslim consumption as of being certified. LeBorneo was formed with an inspiration to provide the supplying industry with a complete line of premier quality product and export services with the green concept.

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